You'd much rather watch the Justin Beiber movie than any of the crap from Twilight. I mean, at least there'd be ONE attractive person in the movie, amirite?

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How about watching neither?

@iWeasley How about watching neither?

typical men. can never make a decision

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@SandboxCzar typical men. can never make a decision

Except this is one of the shittiest decisions I've heard in my whole life.

Most people only "hate" people like Justin Bieber or the Jonas Brothers and things like Twilight or Harry Potter because it's the popular thing to do. Before they've even given it a chance, they've decided they're not going to like it.

@DanielJames Most people only "hate" people like Justin Bieber or the Jonas Brothers and things like Twilight or Harry Potter...

Exactly. And there reaches a certain point where the haters are as obnoxious as the screaming fansgirls. Or fanguys. I don't judge.

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That's a marvelous argument.

I'd rather watch neither, but at least Twilight has a plot.

Dear God, blind AND a horrible taste in music???

good idea iWeasly

@Lizzies good idea iWeasly


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Because Justin bieber is a fag head, and so are the gay fairies.

Hmm, If I watch either of them, I'll have to sit in a movie theater for two and a half hours with screaming fangirls... Yep, I think I'd rather watch Paranormal Activity.

why the HELL is this posted under "College"?

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I've already seen the Twilight movies. I'd watch a Justin Beiber one too. I don't care.

I am sorry but i HATE justin beiber i dont like his 'type' in music and i dont think hes very cute! thats just my opinion~

I would not get myself into this dastardly situtation.

I don't like either but if I had a choice .. shirtless Taylor Lautner > Justin Bieber.

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Who'd the one attractive person be?

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At least we don't have to listen to crappy singing in Twilight.
Plus, there's a lot more stuff to make fun of. You'll never be bored.
In JB's movie, it's mostly one person.

I'd much rather watch Twilight, because honestly, Justin Bieber is NOT in the least bit hott....
At least Jessica and Alice are pretty....

I'd rather spend my time doing something productive.

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Twilight was an ok movie... I'm no fangirl, but it wasn't THAT bad.

Well I happen to like twilight, so not a difficult choice for me

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Excuse me, Kellan Lutz is fucking HOT and Ashley Greene is BEAUTIFUL! Just bc rob and Kristen are ugly does not mean the rest of them are!

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In an JB movie, I would be surrounded by screaming, idiotic fangirls and I would be inclined to go suicidal just to clear the world from said scum, plus I hate THE ANNOYING LIL' BASTARD:
In Twilight, there's no crappy singing, and even though I'd still hate the screaming fangirls; there's at least Alice, who's the only attractive girl in the movie and the actress is amazingly hot IRL.

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Also murder should be legal.

It's pretty fucked up anyone can "hate" someone they don't know. I guess you guys are so cool for doing that. Pretty pathetic. Justin Beiber doesn't seem like an asshole in the least bit, and he definitely doesn't deserve the shit that 15-16 year olds give just because they want to sound cool. "like omg I'd shoot myself in the face!" no, you fucking wouldn't. You're acting more immature than a fangirl.

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I agree with the first part of this post, unless there is a hot girl in the JB movie.

I would rather shoot myself in the head, if I was forced to pick between either Justin Bieber or Twilight...I would shoot myself in the head.

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