Glasses do not give +1 intelligence. They should either be tinted or reserved for people with sight problems, amirite?

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Seriously. It pisses me off when people who don't need them wear them. I've been wearing them since I was seven, and I absolutely hate them.

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Is it sad that this reminded me of the Fallout series, and I was going to correct you to say that glasses give Perception?

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I hate it so much. I've had glasses since I was 4, I'm blind as a freaking bat, and people actually want them. You know what? They can have them. I'm tired of not being able to see underwater.

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fucking hipsters and their ridiculously large glasses with no lenses. piss me off.

I hate when people wear does hipster glasses.

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I think its super annoying when people wear glasses because they think it's a fashion statement. My eyesight isn't that bad, just bad enough to need glasses, but they are so annoying and I hate wearing them, so I don't understand why people would want to have them.

And people with really big foreheads, cause those glasses really even out their face. They don't look so alien anymore

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Tinted glasses aren't the same as sunglasses.

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I've got a friend who needs glasses and she actually got her frames in the shape of nerd glasses. IN TORTOISESHELL. I considered telling her how much she'll hate them in a year (I've had glasses since kindergarten) but then I decided it would probably just be best to let her figure it out herself.

I don't really care if people wear them or not. That sounds kind of like saying, "Belts should only be reserved for people whose pants don't fit correctly."

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They give you +1 PER in Fallout, though.

What? You mean my glasses DON'T give me super knowledge power? Well, that just dampened my entire day.

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