you like someone alot and they are everything you want but they aren't very attractive. your friends don't see what you see. and you start doubting yourself. then you talk to them and you fall back into liking them but you can't help but wish they were more attractive and you wish you weren't "look reliant", amirite?

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It makes me feel like a terrible person sometimes.

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I might show my friend this post...you know, there's a guy that I like and he's not that cute but I think he's awesome and my friend doesn't think so...

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This happened to me except i also realized something, the more you hang out with someone, the more attractive they get

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Has it not occured to you guys that your friends are the ones with the problem? Why do you have to take everything your friends say so seriously... expecially when you know they don't know what they're talking about and that they're being shallow? Learning to stand up for yourself and your own opinions/feelings is one of the most important things you will ever do. Your true friends will respect you more for it; the others weren't really your friends anyway.

This is so true, I'll like someone and it's not their looks that deter me it's that whenever I tell my friend she goes on and on about how ugly they are. And it's not like I only go for uggos, we just have opposite tastes except I'm actually nice about the guys she likes and say stuff like "they're allright looking".

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This is like, the same post as this, just worded differently... http://www.amirite.net/474950

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So what? I like this person, and I love you guys, but fuck I'm not going to stop what might be a good relationship just because you think the guy/girl's ugly.

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My friend really likes this guy and has done for a while now. My friends and I have no idea what she see's in him. He's really ugly and she's really pretty, but I could still understand if she liked him. But he's actually really mean to her! He asked her if she liked him once and she said yeah and he said yeah because whenever I look at you you're looking at me it's really creepy. I honestly have no idea what she see's in him. I know cool story bro.

a lot*

@Grilled_Cheesus The OP likes someones alot :

Well, alots aren't very attractive... In an adorable way. They're like ugly dogs; you can't NOT find them adorable...

Dudddeeee..thats exactly whats going on with me right now!

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My friends don't think my boyfriend is even remotely attractive..but luckily they all agree he's an awesome person so im fine with that. It confuses me as I think he's really hot aha

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uuuuuuuuuuuurgh i did this exact same thing!

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I do like someone. Thanks for making a post just for me. :)

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