Smacking some random girls ass is okay if she's hot, amirite?

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hellz to the yeah!
sure, it's creepy and could be counted as assault/sexual harassment, but who cares? you smack dat ass.

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It's creepy and a violation of personal space.

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@No. It's creepy and a violation of personal space.

you mean personal hygiene because you don't know how many times they fapped to your ass

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Can we smack yours back?

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this happened to me and it was the most awkward thing and i felt violated because i didn't even know the guy. not ok, i wish i could go back in time and slap him.

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While calling her "toots"
and denying her equal pay? Or the right the vote? Or the right to get a job?
I'm sure you'll go far in life with that philosophy

@Sergio You know women can vote and get jobs now, right?

Yeah, that was the point.
For a long time women were seen as inferior to men, that's why they weren't allowed to vote, or get equal pay and forced to stay home
but times have changed and we realized that we are all equal
and to me, that means not treating women as objects

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hopefully it's actually a guy who posted it

@Gavin they do in Canada

They don't in America. White men get higher pay than anyone else (white women, black men/women, Asians, etc.)

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I wish I had the confidence to go up to you and tap that, but I feel so much comfortable from afar, I'm afraid you'd reject me!

but hey, a boy can dream!!

Obvious troll is obvious.

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All the girls that clicked no way are just jealous because they're not hot enough to get their butt smacked

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Thats like saying killing someone is fine if their ugly...

Nah smacking a girls ass is wrong and guys shouldnt do it- Wait wtf I'm I saying only losers (and ugly girls) would say that and ya know why? Because no one wants to touch THEM. Sure dont do it in public, but in the safe confiniment of your school. If you see a nicce piece a cake go for it I amend you.

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i dont think guys really care how hot the girl is, ass is ass

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Why are all you women on the computer and not in the kitchen?

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it depends on how many people are around you.

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