You know shit's gonna go down when the quiet kid cusses, amirite?

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I'm the quiet kid.
Last week I had to make up a test after everyone took a test, so I was the last person with a test. Everybody was whispering, and it just got louder and louder. Talking I can handle just fine, but the sound of people whispering pisses me off. I wanted to yell, and my heartbeat started to get faster and louder.

I looked up and yelled, "Could you people just shut the FUCK up?"

They shut up. I got crazy looks, and a fist bump from the cute guy who sits next to me. :) It was AWESOME, except for the detention I got. That kind of sucked.

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@Weston_white Ohh ya then What happened!?

I got stared at and the teacher yelled at me not to use language in class and she gave me a detention. I finished my test with an awkward silence around me turned it in, stared at my desk until the bell rang, and then my friends all ran over to me talking about how awesome it was and everyone was shocked.

Then on friday that week I had to go to detention and I had to help sweep the gym up. It was really dusty. I will NEVER go to detention again. :P

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ha! i'm the quiet kid, and on friday my teacher handed me a box with a lot of markers in it for a poster i was doing. when i stood up, it fell off my desk, and i was like "fuck my life" before i realized it had just gotten quiet and everyone heard me. it was awesome.

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lol I was working on this project and one of the guys in my group forgot to do the work for the project that was due. I was like, "we are so fucking screwed" and the guy like knelt down and begged me to forgive him.

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I am the quiet one and this post is very true.. I remember one time this girl was being extremely bitchy and I I finally got pissed I yelled at her to get the fuck out of my house and she ran out crying.. I laughed.. But it definitely makes the words more powerful and scary when you don't use them a lot.

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I'm considered quiet by all but my closest friends. I haven't yet cussed in school. I don't like cussing in general, so I'm saving it for when I need it most...

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quiet people FTW!

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@quiet people FTW!

shhh... us quiet people don't like caps lock, as it looks loud...

Yep. Everyone but my close friends (who say I never shut up) know me as quiet. It was even a shocker when I laughed at something when I first moved there, for a while.

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Yeah same here. It's when I watch football that I get mad.... :P

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I'm the quiet kid.
One time a few years ago I was talking to an acquaintance in class and said the word "crappy". Everyone looked at me like I was insane.

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