Youtube sucks now that Google bought it. None of the videos can go five seconds without stopping to buffer. You have the choice between suffering through the stoppages or waiting three times as long as the video lasts so it can load up. What happened to just getting on there, watching a music video, and getting off in just under five minutes, amirite?

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And the ads load no problem -_-

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@And the ads load no problem -_-

(Not the OP): I once encountered an unskippable ad which would not buffer. Not fun!! >.<

google has been taken over by women in a mall. instead of just "Get in, get what you want, and get out." It's "Get in, buffer the video, wait for it to load, recommend a video, open a new tab to go on facebook while it loads, check on the loading process, go back to facebook, watch half the video let it buffer for 5 minutes, go to facebook again while it buffers, finally it loads and you watch the rest of the video, get out.

@Anonymous7482726293 google has been taken over by women in a mall. instead of just "Get in, get what you want, and get out." It's "Get...

I'm a woman who's a "get in and get out" kind of person. I see just as many men act like you just said. Of course, I'm not pretending they don't exist with the same self-interested bias as you clearly have. It's easy to make "women jokes" when you just repeat what you hear other say but not what those others are doing.

ps. Men also cause traffic problems with cell phones. I know, shocking! But my eyes are open to everyone who is an impedance for progress out in society, not just "chicks cuz we expect 'em to be". I tell you what, go to any local college and just watch the people. You will see just as many slow, lazy, hair-brained guys who can't walk a straight line for all the time he's wasting or spending with his nose in a phone. This will require you to stop going through life with one eye closed.

pps. You will just cast this off as just another woman who can't take little joke. No, I'm one of the rarer people (man or woman) who hates brainless cliches, and the unwashed masses who use them as if originals.

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It's been REALLY bad lately. It takes too damn long to load videos.

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@Unicorns It's been REALLY bad lately. It takes too damn long to load videos.

I'm trying to watch a mass effect 2 walkthrough, and it took me forty minutes to load a ten minute video. google should stick with search engines, if you ask me. excluding the google phone and computer system.

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you guys know that Google bought Youtube awhile ago right? like Youtube was independent for maybe a year before Google bought it

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Google, I am thankful.

I am so very thankful that you divine wondergods who can do no wrong decided, in your almighty and impregnable wisdom, to purchase Youtube and fill it with incessant advertisements and VEVO reccommendations. I do not know how I would get by without the ads on EVERY VIDEO, thereby breaking any sort of immersion I may have had in my video viewing. I know now that my attempts to watch unadvertised, free streaming videos was only a product of my human fallibality and love for all things fun, musical, and cat-related.

I bear the utmost gratitude for your wise decision to require me to link my Youtube account with your Google Account. Even though I do not use Gmail nor ever do I plan to, your Google Account has graced me with a very detailed knowledge of the "Lost Password" process. Having yet another account online to keep up with only strengthens my character, and I realize that now.

I also thank VEVO for expanding my musical interests to include not only Lady Gaga (which I NEVER would have thought of watching while viewing my closeminded Classic Rock videos), but also catchy advertising jingles that I just saw on the TV.

Your Dearly Devoted,


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You get off over music videos? ;)

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Do you know what you're talking about? Google bought YouTube almost five years ago... And it got significantly faster when they did, because YouTube was losing tons of money and only an extremely profitable company like Google would dare to buy it out, and Google can afford plenty of fast servers, so if it weren't for Google, YouTube wouldn't exist anymore. I don't think it's gotten any slower lately... you either caught them at a time they were doing "maintenance" or it's your ISP.

lol I made post to a similar effect, http://www.amirite.net/417014 except I made it into a song =P

maybe youshould switch the quality of the the video to 240p so it loads faster, sure the video quality suffers but you can still see whats going on in the video

Youtube mobile is a lot better.

OMG noo way! Try changing the quality of your video or get off the welfare connection, I can load 3 10 minute videos in standard def in like 2 minutes...

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I searched "youtube sucks" hoping to find mostly complaints about load time (such as yours) & other technical difficulties. For instance, it used to be that you'd play a video & if you wanted to backtrack you could as long as you didn't leave the video or refresh. Now you go back & you lose the buffering. And I'm not on a ghetto connection as someone eloquently put it.

Instead I've found mostly whiners upset they have a difficult time breaking federal copyright laws as if they are the internet's gift to the world. All these whining thieves & their mental gymnastics rationalizing why they should be able to steal content -consequence FREE- made me feel that much better about YouTube. Have these people never counted consequences to determine if worth the risk?

Of course, I'm not including those who legally use content for commentary/parody & have content removed with no warning. Or bullies gang flagging innocent videos--cough!Muslims!cough! There have been high profile cases of such users getting their stuff back.

But I agree that VEVO is annoying. But they are also providing a good service for the mere price of watching the intro to an ad, most often not even the entire ad.

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