Girls: Your bf should be the most important thing ever, amirite?

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Polar the bear is so smart.

i get it.

@LonelyIsland LOOL i get it.

I get it now! Woww. That took until "a double standard" to understand.

Ack. Yeah. We get it. And I agree with the point made. It'd be pretty cool if you all stopped generalizing that all girls are conceited, though. I'm pretty sure I voted no on the other one. I'm also pretty sure I'm a girl. So, I'm pretty sure that not all girls are bigoted and sexist.

@wittynamehere for a second i read bigoted as bigtoed and i was like what??

Well, that too. I, for one, have small toes, but if everyone wants to hide that part of themselves...

Hahahahaha double standard. Awesome

Yup double standard ftw. The irony is delightful.

I see what you did there ;)

(says a non-hypocritical girl)

HURPA DUR MEN MUST LOVE THEIR WOMAN TO NO END, WOMIN NEED TO HAVE A LIFE. DUR DA DUR IM A SEXIST BITCH. Jesus christ, the idea of this website is good, but when you see how many people on this are fucking retarded sexists bitches its fucking annoying

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Because we all know that girls are the only ones who ever vote on amirite.

Ahaha, it's gonna suck for you when you lose 'the most important thing ever'.

bf as in boyfriend or bf as in best friend?

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@bf as in boyfriend or bf as in best friend?

Boyfriend, but it wouldn't make a difference since neither should be your primary focus in life.

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If you think about it, it matters where you are. Right now I am in high school. My education, career, and family are more important.
but if I were older and looking at a prospective groom, that changes things.

freddos avatar freddo Yeah You Are -1Reply

Sigh I really had more hope for my gender. This is disapointing.

Gotta love the double-standardness of most people. :P

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