It isn't slutty or a bad thing if I send him a naughty picture so he'll take me back, amirite?

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Hell no it's not!
If one doesn't work, send more.
You should send them in strip-form. Wear an outfit, and each next picture would have one less article of clothing.

Hmm.....why don't u send them to me first and ill see if they're acceptable ;)

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Sorry hun, getting him to lust after you won't make him want you as a person. XD

he'll see an opportunity to use you.

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If you want want to bring yourself to that level, go ahead I guess...

If he will only take you back for slutty pictures, he is not a good person and is not worth your time.

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Weird... I just did the exact same thing -_-

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u will look like a desperate whore.
you surely wont get anything good out of it.

he will see certainly see that you are desperate. and he will then either dismiss you or he will try to manipulate you while faking feelings and all that.

from a guy dont do it lol it certainly would not make me think highly of you.

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If you're going to take "naughty" pictures of yourself, just make sure that your face and other distinguishable birthmarks or scars aren't visible.

But I would advise that you don't do this.

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dang girl if he's worth your time that won't change his mind one bit

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Says who this is a girl?

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