Whenever you inhale helium, you get so nervous that it's going to run out and you don't know what to say so you start singing the first song that comes to mind, which usually ends up being a children's song or 'happy birthday', amirite?

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"Hello? Hello? Hello?"

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A boy at my school inhaled helium and sang "The Circle of Life".

@Your life is average.

At least he has an identity.

@FlyingGuineaPig At least he has an identity.

I'm a girl :)

But I understand what you meant.

@Your life is average.

Cool story, bro.

You just got CLICHÉ'D!

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"HEY IT'S FRED!" Always comes to mind.

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I saw this cholo take a big ass hit of helium, thinking he was so badass... and he took his mouth off of the thing said "oh shit" and fainted. ahahaha

"Christmas, Christmas time is here!" So yeah alvin and the chipmunks

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I usually just say "Hi I'm Jen."

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