There is a certain word you cannot stand, and when you hear someone say it you want to punch them. amirite?

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I hate the word pussy. Actually...there are no good words for vagina. Vagina sounds too scientific. Pussy sounds gross and nasty and diseased. Cunt is also annoying. And vajayjay sounds like you are too embarrassed to say the actual word. Coochie and hoohoo sounds childish.
And then guys get all the cool words for their genitals. It ticks me off.

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It sounds sharp that way. Like you could cut a penis off.

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Moist moist moist moist

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Legit. It's like people are too lazy to finish their damn words.

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Coolio. Turd. Adorbs. Spaz-tastic. There are some words that seem like they were MADE to anger people...


fuck that word and the person who invented it!

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chillax is the word which I really can't stand.

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I don't care for the word "epic" especially when people add the word "fail" after it.

Coarse and supple.
Makes me think of pubes and nipples.

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Epic and fail. Even worse when used together. Fortunately, I have found that if you institute a rule where you ignore the person who said it for exactly five minutes every time they say one of those words, they will break their habit. Tried it on two different friends.


it sounds too much like veal ahh dont like it

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Your username: memorizethosewords smirk smilie

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grrrr. Someone used it so many times in a 4 hour time span, I swear I was close to hitting her. And since then, I can't stand that word.

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Irregardless. It's not even a real word.

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Crisps. FUCK I HATE THAT WORD. It's one of the most ANNOYING wors EVER!

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I can't stand people saying "god dammit" or "jesus christ" when they're mad

twat, cunt, moist, legit, chill.
I hate those words.

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Epic and Legit.

oatmeal. makes me wanna barf.

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I hate 'silly'

Just. No. Don't say that :L

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I hate the word panties

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I hate the word slice... as in "slice of pizza"... ugh.

Well now I feel the need to share mine...
Moist, panties, wiener.
Ughhh so gross.


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