You hate when you plan a conversation in your head and the other person doesn't follow the script, amirite?

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Friend:What do you want to eat?
Me: I want some updog.
Friend:Never heard of it
-Me: Ok never mind then

Hey_Theres avatar Hey_There Yeah You Are +43Reply

Thats what I do every night.
I fantasize our conversations together, but, when I'm watching from afar, i get to nervous and run away.
Someday I'll get over my nerves!

Stage actor vs. Improv actor...

StacytheHarlots avatar StacytheHarlot Yeah You Are +17Reply

Me: Will you go out with me?
Random person: No.
Me: YOU'RE NOT FOLLOWING THE SCRIPT. D: Your line was, "yes". Let's try this again.

that's probably how it'd go.

Erins avatar Erin Yeah You Are +16Reply

This is how it goes;Me:Witty and funny comment
Girl: "OMG you are so funny and sexy!"

Sergios avatar Sergio Yeah You Are +10Reply

This is basically my life.

Anonymous +9Reply

SO TRUE! its the most annoying thing in the world!

g_is3pics avatar g_is3pic Yeah You Are +8Reply

this is the reason i aim towards my favor

Anonymous +1Reply

Me: says joke
Brother: laughs
My friends: I don't get it...
Me: Anyway...

Xx_loliana_xXs avatar Xx_loliana_xX Yeah You Are +1Reply

I also hate it when I go to say yes to a post but it's at a totally awesome number.

Anonymous +1Reply

If planning it in your head worked, I would have to many dates... Lol

Tecoos avatar Tecoo Yeah You Are +1Reply
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