Skinny people are the ones who eat all the unhealthy stuff and fat people are the ones who actually care about eating healthy, amirite?

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Anonymous you are so wrong. The three of the thinnest people I know survive on processed foods/ macdonalds and DO NOT exercise. Their parents have exactly the same figures. Its all genes, some people can do nothing and be sickly thin and some can watch everything that goes in their mouth and make sure their healthy and still be abit tubby like their parents.

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so true...

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I have never met a fat person who actually eats healthy food in healthy portions. Some pretend they do in public, but very few actually do. I am a thin person as are most of my friends and we all eat fairly healthy food in healthy portions and don't drink things like soda, juice or sugary crap. I have never known a fat person who eats properly or exercises enough. Total BS. You are fat because of your bad habits, 99 times out of 100.

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