Dont you hate it when the teacher is helping someone at the desk next to you so their butt is in your face, amirite?

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Gotta appreciate those young teachers who squat down to the students' level, instead of bending over and giving us a faceful o' that. Phew!

not if she's my hot ass teacher

Depends on the teacher really

Or when the teacher's leaning over in front of my desk to help me and their cleavage is all in my face like i dont wanna see that -_- lol

what if your hot for teacher?

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especially if the teacher is fat!!

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I didn't mind when my 7th grade science teacher did that. He had a phat ass and he was hot. Ha.

It would suck if the teacher was gassy and diarrhetic...and as they're bent over and helping the other student, they sneeze and they fart all over you and the shit is so wet, it flies through their pants and you get covered in it. Later on, you find some shit on the floor and there's a corn kernel, some rice, and a peanut. Gross!

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