Voldemort's father took the game "I got your nose" to a whole new level, amirite?

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yeah, seriously his father fled and it's unknown whether he knew merope was pregnant before he left

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@Treeleaf Harry needs some sleep...

And he needs a nose... and he needs some sleep... and some new glasses. And he needs and manicure.

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So did Jo Jackson

He also invented the game "I got your hair."

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Meanie. I was sitting right next to you when you typed that.XD

So wtf.. I post a version of this... BEFORE you did.. Then YOURS gets homepaged and MINE gets deleted for being a repost? WTF

Best post EVER

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When I wrote this I had no idea people were going to like it so much. I thought it was pretty lame actually, I'm not even a Harry Potter fan but I decided to post it anyways. I'm glad you were all amused by it :)

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