Skinny jeans look good on guys. amirite?

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I think your autocorrect turned "gay" into "good".

I think it depends on the guy.

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When I see a guy in super tight skinny jeans, like in the second picture, I can't begin to imagine how they squeezed into it and zipped it...


The second one... where does the penis go? Idgi.

Normas avatar Norma No Way +4Reply

It also depends on the guy as well; if he's very overweight then I think he should stay away from them...
That actually really goes for both genders.

As long as they're made for men and aren't man-jeggings, I tend to prefer guys that wear skinny jeans.

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Men look better with straight fit so they're not so tight around the ankles.

Dark wash baggy straight jeans look best on guys.

i attempted to try on a pair for kicks and gigs and my calves couldnt even fit through em

It just depends on the guy, really.

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depends on style and whats in vogue

I'm a guy and I wear them. I have rather womanly legs, so I can pull them off.

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