The purpose of middle school is to keep a bunch of hormone raged tweens from bugging highschoolers or corrupting younger elementary school kids, amirite?

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Now if only it worked.

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I must have gone the only K-8 school in the world...

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And to keep stores like Hollister and Aeropostale in business, of course.

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Where I'm from the middle school and highschool are right next to each other but the sixth graders have their own seprate building and even thier own principal. Its like they think anybody 13 and over and can actually be called a teenager will a smilie beat them up, or (B) currupt them. also sorry for spelling/punctuation/capitalization/grammar, I'm on my phone

I agree, but why do so many people say it "tweens" nowadays? Not trying to be a Grammar Nazi, it just seems weird... o.O

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My school has Jr. High as well as High School. It's 7-12. I love the Jr. Highers. They are so much fun, a lot better than some of the highschoolers.

@reeree Yup I'm sure

is there something wrong with being able to pick out the cool jr. highers? it's not like i said they're all bundles of joy. gosh, no. a lot of them are annoying as crap. i just found the good ones.

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