Here in North America, we think the African tradition of wearing rings on their necks to stretch their neck for beauty's purpose is odd. Well, in their view, they must think sucking the fat out of your stomach and thighs, or injecting collagen into your lips to make yourself look a few years younger seems pretty odd. Makes wearing a few extra necklaces seem a little less obscure, amirite?

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That neck thing is ASIAN. Get your facts right next time.

Lots of people here think that injecting collagen into your face for beauty purposes is weird, too. It's not like it's something that everyone does.

Hey, us South Africans think it's weird too.

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@Hey, us South Africans think it's weird too.

(Your+name+(optional)): I don't think the OP knows that South Africa is more advanced than most other African countries.

OP, you do realize most people who get liposuction and botox are made fun of, and isn't mainstream at all.

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They also used it as a form of punishment. If the women committed a crime, the brace could be removed. The neck isnt as strong as it should be due to the extra support from the brace, so it can't hold up the weight of the head. The women then subsequently dies from a broken neck

someone doesn't know what "obscure" means.

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Alright, either you were in my health class or you are my health teacher, 'cause he said the exact same thing.

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wouldn't it be "more obscure"

well you could strech your neck out to look like a goddam giraffe or not look like a fatass old person

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Thats anthropology. Every culture is the same, only the names and associations change, for instance a witchdoctor in native american tribes is similar to a doctor in european towns.

They say some african cultures but they don't list anything. The only names given are from Asia. They don't really do it in Africa anymore.

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