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it's a motherly instinct to protect their baby

It's heavy maybe?

sometimes they do...

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Sometimes the baby is kicking or their stomach is hurting. It's not easy carrying around such a huge belly. I'm pregnant and I tend to hold my stomach a lot not because she's going to fall out.

Well I doubt they hold their internal organ, the stomach.

one of my moms friends just had their baby and they hold their stomach because if they turn a corner or something they want to protect the baby...

There was a girl I work with that did nothing but eat, and put on a TON of weight. She would rub her stomach, but since she gained so much, she didn't look pregnant, but morbidly obese. So, it looked weird when she did it...

I've never been pregnant, so don't quote me on this, but if I had something sticking out of my belly like that, it'd be kinda odd, and it'd just be a habit for me to wrap my arms around it.

Um, right... Maybe to some it's a motherly instinct but I think it's more of a "proud I'm pregnant, look at my baby belly" thing - no offense, but someone I know very well does this and she has NO protective instinct with her kids whatsoever, on the contrary, she uses her kids to get attention for herself, not saying everyone is like that though. It's always bothered me. In contrast, I have noticed that women who wear loose maternity clothing over tight do not do this as much as women who wear tight maternity clothing to showcase their baby bumps.

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We can tell your pregnant! It looks ridiculous!

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I noticed that I held my belly way before there was even a baby bump. I think a few reasons why:
1. I hold my belly when it's not feeling great. I had bad gas/morning sickness/etc. It was honestly just a comforting feeling to hold my belly when it was in pain.
2. Even if other people can't see the bump (or if they can), we know it's there. It feels WEIRD to have a part of my body so much bigger than it usually is. At least for me. So I end up touching or patting it and it becomes a habit. Basically like a "woah this is different" kind of feeling.
3. Protectiveness or a nervous tick. When I'm in a crowd of people or I get anxious, it's an easy comforting thing to do. Like putting hair behind my ear or tapping your foot.
4. In pictures or posing, its awkward to just stand there, it gives you something to do with your hands.

I could think of a million reasons why pregnant people like holding this protruding body part of theirs. I can not think of one reason not to, besides for some reason maybe annoying some strangers

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It probably helps support the muscles and skin that is super stretched.

Freakin' Hilaroiuos!

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