People with jobs: People always say that you'll only know the true value of a dollar when you spend money that you've earned, but honestly that's not true. $20 used to be worth so much because you never knew how long it would be until you got that much again, but now it's just like "Buying 16 packs of gum is probably stupid...Whatever, I'm getting a paycheck tommorow.", amirite?

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I've found that I have become more stingy with my money now that I have paycheck, I don't like to see my bank account be drained.

Yeah, only when you think about money that way and you're actually supporting yourself, you're probably not going to have enough money left for 16 packs of gum the day before payday. I think the idea is that you recognize the value of a dollar in perspective to your own time and effort that you have to put into your job.


I'm pretty sure the majority who voted YYA don't have jobs...

my paycheck is so measly that after paying bills i end up with around $10 if i have any left at all. Matter of fact, last paycheck i ended up overdrafting to buy gas to get to work....only good news is my bank is too dumb to realize I've overdrafted and have yet to charge me a fee for it :)

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