America has become a really wimpy nation. Kids not being able to play dodge ball, ladies filing lawsuits because they can't multitask, so on. Just take a god damn joke. amirite?

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Well, I mean as true as that is (very true), people will always find fault in America. Like if all kids were only ever known to play dodge ball, then people would say that "America is teaching kids to be violent and insensitive" and such things.

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maybe im slow, but what's the part about "ladies can't multitask"?

@Rawtoast maybe im slow, but what's the part about "ladies can't multitask"?

I think I'm slower. <insert requisite joke about me being from America> What does 'Just take a god damn joke' have to do with dodgeball and lawsuit-filing ladies?

Dodgeball is the only game I can play because I always ending hitting people with the balls when I play regular sports.

And its the job of the parents to teach their kids that its wrong. But also to toughen up.

I had a post like this but yours is better. I pretty much called everyone wimps haha.

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the lady in a mall sued the mall cuz she couldnt txt and walk at the same time and she fell. somone put it on youtube. she cant take a joke. and schools r getting rid of dodgeball because "kids' self esteem gets hurt"

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