Alejandros: you have at least once in your life been called Ale-Ale-Alejandro. It gets annoying after a while, amirite?

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Wow. There are a lot of alejandros on this site.

I ahve a feeling some of the people who YYA'd are lying

At least you don't have nerds screaming "AVO-AVOGADROOO AVO-AVOGADROOO" ugh they think they're so witty.
I regret coming up with that damned number.

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I wonder if the people who are named Jude are tired of people saying, "hey Jude," as though they're singing the song every time they get their attention.

My name is Steven, but people still call me that. It's really frustrating, not because of the song or because Alejandro isn't my name, but I'm never going to be able to get the pencil in the sharpener on the first try.

there is a kid in my spanish class who's spanish name in Alejandro. we tease him all the time. we also call the kid, Jesus(pronounced hey- zeus) jesus, like the son of god.

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My friend's name is ina. her friends call her "ale-ale-alejandro" (much to her annoyance). I still have no idea why.

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