It would be interesting if someone who sat a few rows up from a sporting event brought a whistle. Thad be a game you wouldn't want to miss. amirite?

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someone is going to do this now, and it is going to be epic.

rowannes avatar rowanne Yeah You Are +7Reply

That person would probably get booted out and shunned from the rest of the games, but it actually would be rather funny to see what the players do.

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Thad? Really?

@Fuck you.

(Dumb.): why is that? because you are illiterate and moronic?

This happened one time in a hockey game I was watching. Someone brought a whistle and blowed it, and all the players stopped. But one guy realized it wasn't the refs who blowed the whistle and he scored :p

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It happens every once in a while, usually they blow it once, there's some confusion and then the guy gets kicked out. Not a big deal.

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