Sunday is the best day of the week, amirite?

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Next thing you know he is going to start saying that Friday is the worst day.... Someone is really too excited to go back to work/school...

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Saturday, beeyotch

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I actually love Sunday! Until I'm reminded that it's followed by Monday... Then it's not so great.

Guys c'mon, why vote No Way? Church is on Sunday...

@Skepsis Guys c'mon, why vote No Way? Church is on Sunday...

Some churches have service on Saturday. Makes it that much better.

Sunday stands for going back to work soon! The only cool thing about a sunday is church! Saturday is the bamf of the days in the week!

Voldys avatar Voldy No Way +1Reply

Agreed, Taco Tuesday is on Sunday.

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How did this get so many votes O.o

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what do you mean sunday is good? Whaddya mean church is good? church sucks and god duznt exist! Darwin, hello!

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wow. You get into my head..

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