It's annoying when you enter a bathroom and all the stalls are occupied, then some idiot comes in and checks all the doors again despite seeing you standing there, amirite?

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I agree! It's like "Oh, you go ahead. I'm just waiting for stall number 2- It's my lucky stall. But there are plenty of other ones open! Just go check."
Dumb ass people.

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Or when there's a crowd of people around a locked door, and other people still check it.

or like when you are waiting for the elevator and some idiot comes along and presses the button as if you are standing there for no reason

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Sometimes people are just waiting for someone else.

@LaestigZwilling Sometimes people are just waiting for someone else.

Yeah, and then it's really annoying when I assume the other person is in line and I wait for awhile before realizing that there's been an empty stall all along and I've just been standing there like an idiot, wasting my time.

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