You can tell whether a music group has actual talent by if theres a huge difference hearing them live and hearing their recorded songs, amirite?

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coughblack-eyed peascough

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@Purple_Rose coughblack-eyed peascough

i was about to say tht exact same thing

@Purple_Rose coughblack-eyed peascough

I was just about to say that exact same thing too!

Well, if there's a NEGATIVE difference between live and studio, then I'd say they lack talent. Like my favorite band plays great recorded and live, but live they sound a lot different (in a good way, they play songs faster/more solos etc).

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For sure. Watch this vid, Billy Joel playing "Only the good die young." It is actually insane how good the live version is.
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Miranda Cosgrove and Katy Perry :|

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There have been like 50000000000 posts like this. Why isn't this flagged ? But I agree with you though. :)

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