After using the public washroom, you wash your hands, with soap. You vigorously make sure to get rid of the gross stuff along with the germs. Then when you're done, you grab the dirty doorknob on the way out. amirite?

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I kick it SWAT style

I use the paper towels to open the door

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Do your business, zip up and then dispense it, little bit of paper towel but wait- turn on the tap, apply some soap. Lather up, rinse, don't stop the flow. First grab that paper towel you saved... Use it as a barrier, when touching the faucet area, when getting more paper towels for your hands. Dry with it, then retain it, for the doorknob may be tainted. As you exit, bank it off the wall in to the trash can. It's the perfect bathroom trip, man.

No, I don't do that. I use tissues/wipes. I also can't touch the tap, you don't know what is on it.

You'd be surprised what your eblow or forearm can do.

I just wait until someone comes in and opens the door.

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