If you went to hell, you'd rather be in the cool part with all the murderers than in the lame part with the really bad accountants, amirite?

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I'd rather spend my time in the Rock and Roll, and Science areas.

Because murderers are cool, right?

You do realise if you go to hell, you don't get to associate with anyone? It's lonely torment...

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@LinksLegionaire Speaking from first hand experience or...?

Now what if I said yes? To be honest, I went anon to see what the response to that comment would be. Your response is almost so typical and expected it hurts

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@Caerwyn Personally, I'd call BS and laugh.

Well obviously I've never been to hell. I meant that as a humorous and sarcastic reply. Clearly the intended effect was either lost or never existed. My apologies.

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Thats not the point.

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Really bad accountants go to Hell?

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Didn't Hyde say this on That 70's Show?

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I'd rather be with all the intelligent people like Darwin.

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I think what he meant is that the discoveries of people like Darwin and Copernicus go against the teachings of the bible and going against the bible is pretty much the same as going against god..

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