Nerdfighters: You want John Green to narrate your life. amirite?

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This made my day seeing a Nerdfighter post on the homepage.

Kates avatar Kate Yeah You Are +14Reply

Why, yes. Yes I do. Hank would also suffice.

nerdfighters avatar nerdfighter Yeah You Are +9Reply

Forget about Morgan Freeman, John Green all the way.
I love his Thoughts from Places videos :3

umamaniquas avatar umamaniqua Yeah You Are +8Reply


JohnPlaysGuitars avatar JohnPlaysGuitar Yeah You Are +5Reply


midnightcookiess avatar midnightcookies Yeah You Are +4Reply

He's particularly adept at narrating the taking off of one's bra...

Anonymous +3Reply

The first time I saw one of his videos I thought he was really cute. And I still do :D

Chapsticks avatar Chapstick Yeah You Are +1Reply

^ Fanboy alert

This post made my day :D

SanctuaryExiles avatar SanctuaryExile Yeah You Are 0Reply
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