It’s really odd that Canada spends half as much as the US PER CAPITA in health insurance, yet EVERY SINGLE GODDAMMED INDIVIDUAL IS 100% COVERED, DOWN TO EVERY SINGLE HOMELESS BUM IN BUMFUCK, amirite?

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It's not really that odd. Paying for our healthcare Through taxes and equalization payments works better than healthcare only being available to those who can afford it.

I've been to Bumfuck. It's a nice place, rather like Bitchskank, but without the tourists.

Well Canada doesn't have much deficit spending or war debts there, eh?

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Im pretty sure its because the U.S. govt spends 7/8 of the money on the army...

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Canada has just as active a military as the US. Well, now we do, but in the early 80s we didn't spend all our money on helping the Afghans kick the Soviets out of their country and thereby helping cause the current war... but we still send lots of troops over there. I have friends who've gone to war, and most of my family, including a great uncle who's a Brigadier General, have a connection with the Canadian army.

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The fact of the matter is that most Canadians are much healthier than the average American. Plus maybe they don't go to the doctor as much

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its just a tad difficult to get an appointment. amirite?

Canadians in general are way healthier also don't abuse the system. Go into an emergency room here, and there are many people that don't need to be there. Also, how would this cover operations that aren't needed per say but improve your quality of life?

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Canada also has less people living there...

@Lkun Canada also has less people living there...

Then you have no clue what "per capita" means.
It's how much per person, not the whole population together.

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@Well, 57 were able to.

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Yeah, then half the people that are in dire need of medical care die before the government insurance is able to give them the proper attention they need. Let's hope the bums don't have cancer, cause then they're dying anyways.

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