It would be fun to be a Senator just to come up with ridiculous filibusters."Still want this bill to be passed? Well I guess I'll just start reading all seven Harry Potter books! Chapter One: The Boy Who Lived. Mr. and Mrs. Dursely of Number Four Privet Drive...", amirite?

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I've heard about senators reading the phonebook, or recipe books.

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@UhOhBananaTime I've heard the phone book one too : D haha

You could probably pretend to not know how to pronnounce anything and make it take even longer. Like, "hmm.. this is a tough one... Ga-J-Jines? JJunes? Ohhh! Jones! That's actually my daughter's married name!"

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If I were a senator id be perfectly fine with an opposing senator reading Harry potter to stall.

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