Your eyes are drawn to the drummers when in the presence of a band. They make your heart beat faster, amirite?

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Awwww, I'm a drummer! And I'm flattered!! :)

haleymdaviss avatar haleymdavis Yeah You Are +8Reply

Good news for me then.

Can I also announce that I am a drummer and therefore extremely sexy? I'm also in a rock band. Ladies? hello smilie

That and because i drum myself so I like to see what the drummer's doing

I like drums quite a bit actually

Ringo_Starrs avatar Ringo_Starr Yeah You Are +1Reply

Depends on the drummer. Inferno, Hellhammer, and George Kollias are the only drummers I know of that I prefer to the rest of the band.

That's a bad drummer then, if he's making the beat faster.

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