You have more respect for anonymous posters when they come up with a clever fake name, amirite?

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Haha Clever. I did look.

Mtrenchies avatar Mtrenchie Yeah You Are +47Reply

I clicked YYA because I looked.

jukilos avatar jukilo Yeah You Are +28Reply


Only because of the username....

I looked

Sarwats avatar Sarwat Yeah You Are +9Reply

Before I got an account mine was Sue Donym, which was clever and all, but sucked cause I'm a dude.

oh ahaha I looked :)

Canadian_Ninjas avatar Canadian_Ninja Yeah You Are +2Reply

yes yes i did

I clicked YYA just cuz... and then when I read the comments I looked.

Anonymous +1Reply

Only for the username ...

That was me! I'm insertcleverusername!

Anonymous 0Reply
@insertcleverusername ...

That's the problem with plagiarizing... the original usual catches you =P

Anonymous 0Reply

fucking asshole

Anonymous -11Reply
@fucking asshole

Someone's angry because they fell for it

LoveLove77s avatar LoveLove77 Yeah You Are +8Reply
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