It's amazing how Taylor Swift managed to convince millions of ugly girls she's just like them. 'She wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts' "Hey man, wanna date that hot blonde chick who plays guitar?" "No way, she wears SNEAKERS." Amirite?

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I was gonna ask: When did she get hot? She looks so freaking fake, very plasticy.

I think Taylor Swift's pretty...

ewwww... shes not hot

I think she's kind of cute... But gurl ain't got no bewbs

I get the joke, but I think what she meant was shes not the typical girl who dresses up for everything. I took it as shes more down to earth.

Omg I'm DYING this post is histerical!

I'd say wearing T-shirts instead of short skirts and so on would mean you're more of a tomboyish girl, not necessarily ugly.

I laughed so hard.

Hot blonde rich chick who plays guitar

This was actually Bo Burnham's facebook status forever ago.

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