Right now, someone is fighting cancer. Someone just had a baby, someone just got engaged. Someone just won the lottery, someone just died. Someone is crying. Someone is scared. Someone just lost everything important to them. The world is constantly changing. It't weird to think that just because it's another day for you, doesn't mean it's not life changing for someone else, amirite?

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Yeah, well, I found a penny today.

I don't think someone wins the lottery every time someone reads this...

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I normally don't like cheesy posts, but I love this one.

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Favorite post in a while. Congrats

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I've seen too many posts like this.

This really makes you think...

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How many lottery's ARE there?

But I like to dwell on the positive life changing events.

@Kate But I like to dwell on the positive life changing events.

Well some of these are positive. I guess I could have added more of those though.

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Ironic, really. I just lost pretty much everything: my grandmother died, I missed three very important tests because of that. My girlfriend, who believes no-one in the world is right but her and I'm frankly getting sick of, is pregnant; oh and her family just found out that we have had sex.
I just turned 18. Guess how much can change in 4 mere days.

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