We all have that one teacher who desperately needs to invest in longer shirts, amirite?

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My biology teacher. O.o

@Idling_Rocket_Ship My biology teacher. O.o

Same with mine. She wears such short skirts and shirts. And dresses like a whore. And bends down too much O_____o

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@Idling_Rocket_Ship My biology teacher. O.o

same with mine! haha it would make my day if we were talking about the same teacher

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i think my teacher should cut it shorter. :D lol jk

haha, that is my english teacher..:P

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@nomnomnomnom haha, that is my english teacher..:P

Same! But my english teacher is pregnant and still dresses like a whore . . .

Oh, them crazy Italians...

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My principal is a 50 plus year old extremely hideous woman. We call her Jaba the Hutt. She wears shirts that are too short then insists on reaching for the sky, exposing layer upon layer of blubber.
Let's just say that if she lost her TV remote, we would all know where it was.

One of my teachers has a tramp stamp.

JennaGees avatar JennaGee Yeah You Are -1Reply

We have a teacher that likes to do the black bra-sheer shirt combo. Ew.

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