Sometimes you're listening to a song and you think to yourself "really? What did this person do, just pick a bunch of words that rhyme and call it a song? This sucks", amirite?

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"Oooooh, oh who can I trust, I've lost my vacuum and need to dust. You gave me so much pain, the basement may flood 'cause it's gonna rain. My grandma likes to knit, why'd you act like such a git? I spilled my coffee on the floor about the time you walked out the door. So I'll be alone forevermore."

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This is 98% of mainstream music.

Nicki Minaj.

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@Nicki Minaj.

you couldn't have thought of a better example? nicki minaj's lyrics are beast

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Alejendro, by Lady Gaga

an example of this is the song Look at me Now by Chris Brown and Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes....

Kay seriously, go look up the song 'Word Dissasociation' by Lemon Demon. No sentences in the entire song, just random words. its great xD

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Jefferson, Aero Plane - Relient K

The song is freaking awesome . . . if you take the time to actually figure out what's going on :)

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