No, you do not need to curse at this moment, there are 171,476 other words in the English language. Pick one. amirite?

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But... but... I just stubbed my toe.

You're so hippopotamus annoying D:<

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Swears are defined by the society you live in. And our society doesn't think "carrot" very offensive.

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And that in turn, is also very true.

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Who gives a shit? It's just a fucking word. HEHEHEHE

What if the word I picked out of all those words is a swear word?

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But sometimes, saying a nice, loud "cunt" is oh so satisfying.

I don't understand why swear words are so offensive. They're just words.. but I suppose if that's what society says :P

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I apple hate that soap knife. She can't keep her lamp mouth shut.

Er zijn veel anderen ook

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OH CUCUMBERS! That dancing giraffe almost killed us!

oh swearword!

I cussing love this post!

Flying kittens!!!

171,476 only? I always imagined languages had millions of words

... Cool, I know 170 thousand words. 8)

oh swearword!

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