It's annoying when people try to complain about good things. "It's actually really hard being hot and popular. It's a lot of pressure and nobody takes you seriously..." Shut the fuck up and quit bragging. There's nothing wrong with those thing, but you're a bitch by trying to act like it's a hardship. amirite?

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I knew this girl and she was like "i wish i could just quit being popular, its so hard, i have to know everything about everyone and its just hard!"

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Honestly, I think it would be easy to not be popular. I mean, I'm not, and I didn't even try!

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Have you tried listening to what the person's truly complaining about?
Nobody has a perfect life, they could be complaining about something reasonable, but you're feeling too jealous to pay attention.

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@hwangel Your comment is the epitome of presumption, misconstrusion, and ignorance

Actually, I find this post ignorant. They assume some people have perfect lives. That's bullshit, perfection doesn't exist.
Yes, my comment made some assumptions. Yes, I could be wrong, but I know enough about people to know it's likely I'm correct.
You know, the grass is always greener on the other side.

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Well then, what are they supposed to say? "I LOVE being hot and popular! It's amazing! Life is so awesome!" We'd probably get pissed off either way.

You obviously have never taken your shirt off to take a swim in the lake and been attacked by hundreds of nude women wanting to have rough sexxx with you all day and all night, till all you see are your balls turn blue, like the blue men.... da ba dee da ba di

Someones jelly

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@Someones jelly

grape or strawberry?

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