Why does God hate the squirrel in Ice Age, amirite?

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He's not a squirrel >.> he's a combination of a rat and a squirrel. Hence the name squrat

I makes sense to me that there was an ice age after the flood. Because the flood covered the whole earth, it would change the climate, position of the continents, and many other things. Since the "fountains of the deep" were opened, that would cause major changes. Even though the Bible does not mention an ice age, if there is evidence to support it, it probably happened. I believe Christian science.

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Actually, even creationists believe that there was an ice age shortly after the flood, but it isn't mentioned in the Bible. :)

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But if all you wanted to say was that the Bible doesn't mention any Ice Age, how is it related to this post? The Bible doesn't mention squirrels either, but does that mean there are no squirrels according to the Bible?

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Oh, I see what you mean, but on a Biblical timescale the Ice Age was about 4,400 years ago and not 10,000 years ago. I don't want to discuss the creation vs evolution timescales, my point is that most people know that there has been at least one Ice Age.

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The Bible doesn't mention the Ice Age, but according to christian scientists there was an Ice Age after a worldwide flood, about 4400 years ago, which is about 1600 years after the creation that you discribed shortly in your comment. :)

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That doesn't surprise me, Creation science is oppressed by lots of people, and most of them don't even know what it says. There are actually quite many Creationist-Scientists http://creation.com/scientists-...t-of-creation.

Because he doesn't exist.

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