The new way to look at photos on Facebook is annoying. amirite?

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I was like WTF google chrome? what have you done!?!?!

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I found that if you refresh the page it goes back to the old way but you have to do that for each album you look at

I can't see it :( Can anyone post a screen shot? (If it isn't invading their privacy)

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There's a thing called Facebook Photo Zoom for chrome. You just hover over the picturethumbnail and it shows you the picture.


I don't use facebook though so I haven't used it.

I don't like it because if you try to hit the left arrow to go back, it doesn't and just screws up the order. Also, the black border freaks me out, for some strange reason.

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Just right click on the picture and select "Reload" Ta-da your photo viewer is now back to normal.

it's obnoxious that you have to CLOSE OUT of the photo viewer before clicking on anything else.
i liked the old one better.

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I like it because you can look at pictures without leaving the homepage.


juicyrockss avatar juicyrocks Yeah You Are -4Reply

i kinda like it

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