One of the greatest questions of all time: Would your rather live in a world where people (mostly YOU) have super powers, or be a trainer in the Pokemon world, amirite?

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Pokemon trainer.

Evans avatar Evan No Way +16Reply
@Evan Pokemon trainer.

But you probably couldn't eat meat anymore. All the animals are Pokemon. Eating a pikachu sandwich would probably be considered eating a (human) baby.

SetUp4Sarcasms avatar SetUp4Sarcasm Yeah You Are +10Reply

If everyone had Super Powers, no one would be super.
Haven't any of you watched the Incredibles? Gawd.....

Pokemon trainer.

Pajamiess avatar Pajamies Yeah You Are +8Reply

Pokemon would be better. You can have your flying abilities or heat vision or whatever I'll torch your ass then fly off on a GOD DAMNED CHARIZARD BITCH!


Anonymous +7Reply

Soopa powas!

Super powers, obviously, pokemon is gay

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i improved your weak comment with an obviously

Super powers would be more fun. If you were in the pokemon world you would get attacked every time you tried to mow your lawn...

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Pokemon. I mean, I'd rather have a Pikachu than turn invisible. Yeah. And I would have my own game. OWNED! Yeah...

Pokemon, no doubt!

Pokemon Trainer for sure

hmm if i could choose my superpower i would want that. WATERBENDER BIATCH!!
but otherwise, pokemon.

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@1150665 (Freddy): You're gay.

BurnyBurns avatar BurnyBurn Yeah You Are +25Reply
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