I'm watching pom, and you totally misread that. amirite?

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What is pom?

@John_Smith What is pom?

Either you've missed the point of the post, or you're too young to be on this website.

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I read it as prom...

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I've never heard of pom.

I saw this in a Youtube comment earlier today, so I didn't misread it this time ...

Lol, clever.

Nacklefoodles avatar Nacklefoodle Yeah You Are +16Reply

I wank to hardcore pom

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i find it funny that right now theres 69 no ways... jus sayin

Anonymous +10Reply

Pom is soooo overrated

528491s avatar 528491 Yeah You Are +7Reply

hahaha thats awesome.

POM pomegranate juice.

wobbuffets avatar wobbuffet Yeah You Are +6Reply

Seen it.

MrTies avatar MrTie No Way +4Reply

Lmao! That was my first time seeing it. Freakin hilarious :P

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I read this TWICE and got "porn" both times.

I read it as pom and thought "Why the fuck did they right that as pom? What the fuck is a pom?"
So yeah, I guess I'm weird. O_o

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This comment was deleted by its author.

Maybe it's because I'm on mobile and you meant to have them on different lines, but I did notice.

orangesockss avatar orangesocks Yeah You Are +1Reply

You're right, I did misread it...I read prom...just like that previous commenter :D


Hahahaha. You got me. :]

I c wut u did thar

Lolitas avatar Lolita Yeah You Are 0Reply

Lol, I feel like a perv for misreading that. XD

Revols avatar Revol Yeah You Are 0Reply

Why are you just looking at juice?

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