Popular Yo Momma Joke in Strict Muslim Countries: I imagine that under her niqab and burqa yo momma is so ugly. Thankfully our strict religious values prevent us from ever knowing for sure. amirite?

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Yes I was!!haha

OHMYGOD I love you.

The Hijab is a personal choice, however, it MUST be done within your lifetime.

It's also a respect thing for a married woman. Cause it only shows her eyes and not the rest of her body.

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(they_call_me_jane ) your welcome!

Its not a religious thing its more of culture thing. The only time a woman is supposed to cover her head is when she is praying to Allah (God).

(Anonymous) I'm islamic so I think I would know.

@umamaniqua Anon replied to me. I said OHMYGOD. It was a joke.

I think he/she was referring to the Anon above your original comment. :)

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