It's weird to think that any comment or post made anonymously has a chance of being made by Anthony... amirite?

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You're right ;)

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@You're right ;)


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No it's really me.

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OR anyone period... he could have a fake account (maybe even many).

Of course, we could also be, I don't know, President Obama or something.
That would be pretty exciting too.

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That's ridiculous.

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I'm not Anthony.

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@I'm not Anthony.

(not Anthony): lies. We know it's you

@no really, I'm "not Anthony"

(not Anthony): you may be "not Anthony", but behind that guise you actually are Anthony.

You don't believe I'm anthony, amirite?

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@You don't believe I'm anthony, amirite?

Yeah, 'cause he usually spells his name with a capital 'A'.

Dammit, they're on to us!

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No way. No. Pfft. As if.

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You'll never know...

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Hi ;)

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