It seems like all your favorite bands are friends with eachother, amirite?

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Yeah, Charlie McDonell, Alex Day, Tom Milsom, Hank Green and Chamelion Circuit (Charlie McDonell, Alex Day, Micheal Aranda, Edd Blann, and Liam something-or-other) all know eachother pretty well... Some are in one, and one helped ALL the others get their music off the ground and three of them live in the same flat... yeah. They're all interconnected.

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The Beatles and Rolling Stones knew each other pretty well. The Stones were friends with Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan from what I can tell. George Harrison was friends with Eric Clapton. And I'm sure that someone in there was friends with Jim Morrison or the Doors in general. Or Led Zeppelin. Which makes me wonder why I couldn't have been around in the 60's to watch them play.

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No, and they probably don't even speak each others' language...
It'd be cool though.

Buckethead and Primus are buddies

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