You wish you lived in one of those amazing TV towns where everything is within walking distance, amirite?

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I do. It's tiny and there's nothing to do here. If you want to hang out with friends you can go A. The restaurant where you've been at least 50 times, B. The pool where you've been at least 100 times, or C. The mall, which contains a total of fifteen stores and were you've been at least 500 times.

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thats exactly what i was thinking!

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I do and I'd move any day

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I do, and absolutely LOVE it!! :D 7,000 people, 331 of which are in our town's only Jr./Sr. High School. We have a lake with a 13 mile walking trail going around it, one pool, one high school, and three gas stations. <3

I grew up in one of those, and trust me it's not as cool as you think.

Anywhere is within walking distance if you have the time!

Or one of those movie towns with a bus system that will literally take you to exactly where you want to go.

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I already do... It's called NYC.

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