You hate it when they give you daughters when you asked for sons, amirite?

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You're the saddest poster I've ever met ono smilie

biondellos avatar biondello Yeah You Are +20Reply
@biondello You're the saddest poster I've ever met

But you can be before we're through, mister we'll make an amiriter out of you

FlyingGuineaPigs avatar FlyingGuineaPig Yeah You Are +14Reply

Don't worry, they'll bring honor to us all.

OnePenguins avatar OnePenguin Yeah You Are +20Reply

What if she was a girl worth fighting for?

Anonymous +17Reply
@What if she was a girl worth fighting for?

What about...a girl who speaks her mind?


itsEminemloves avatar itsEminemlove Yeah You Are +24Reply

Just remember: When you make men out of them, don't let them walk by any mirrors. Their reflection might show who they are inside.

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Anonymous +4Reply

This is the saddest, pale, pathetic post. You guys that NW had no clue.

Shugahs avatar Shugah Yeah You Are +7Reply

It's like, come on guys. Let's get down to business.

Anonymous +6Reply

Boy, were you a fool in school for no waying this.

Sarcasm_on_ices avatar Sarcasm_on_ice Yeah You Are +4Reply

You're not suited for the rage of amirite, so pack up, go home you're through.

Anonymous +1Reply

I wish I understood this. Probably some meme or something from TV I've never seen before.

Anonymous 0Reply

That song is on my iPod, but it still took me a good minute to get the reference.

how could anthony make a man out of you?

Anonymous 0Reply

I hate when they moon me instead.

But you could always make a man out of them. Err, tomboy out of them. You know, girl's wrestling team, force them to play manly sports, and when they're teenagers, buy them porn! All in the spirit of manliness!

Anonymous -1Reply

hey for all we know it's a women saying this to a man. She wanted a son but he had shitty seed and kept giving her daughters.

Anonymous -6Reply
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