There should be a "Most Overplayed Song of the Year" Award. amirite?

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And the award goes to...

Thanks, Katy, for making such a shitty song.

saraahbbys avatar saraahbby Yeah You Are +28Reply
@saraahbby And the award goes to... Firework. Thanks, Katy, for making such a shitty song.

I'm glad I'm not the only one. Everyone always says how great of a song it is.

OhEmGee_Muffins avatar OhEmGee_Muffin Yeah You Are +5Reply
@saraahbby ew no way. it really is just a terrible song.

It's cool that the lyrics are actually a lot better than those in most popular songs nowadays, but I still agree.

SylverMoons avatar SylverMoon Yeah You Are +1Reply
@saraahbby And the award goes to... Firework. Thanks, Katy, for making such a shitty song.

I know right? It's like everybody thinks that a good message in a song means that it's a good song. Lyrics can be really fake too :|

Slendermans avatar Slenderman Yeah You Are +4Reply

"Just the way you are"
"California Gurlz"
Get my votes

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I now hate that song and would throw a grenade at Bruno Mars singing about that stupid grenade being thrown at him to make it stop.

Anonymous +20Reply

No "I gotta feeling" by The Black Eyed Peas is the most played song. It was played for a whole year and a half

xaleshx312s avatar xaleshx312 Yeah You Are +18Reply

Katy Perry would win that hands down

iluvbiebers avatar iluvbieber Yeah You Are +15Reply

Need you now.
I'm getting sick of it.

BeatleBabes avatar BeatleBabe Yeah You Are +13Reply

And the Nominees are "Love The Way You Lie, California Gurls, Airplanes, We R Who We R, and Need You Now!"

CapnCampCamps avatar CapnCampCamp Yeah You Are +12Reply

there would be sooooooooo many runners up

Anonymous +10Reply

A Katy Perry or Ke$ha song would take it..

California Gurls .-. I heard that today...I hear it too often.

Anonymous +8Reply

Any Justin Beiber song. Playing one once is already playing it way too much.

MrRites avatar MrRite Yeah You Are +5Reply

Teenage Dream
Like a G6
Tik Tok

muffinmonkeys avatar muffinmonkey Yeah You Are +5Reply

Baby or Airplanes. No competition!

reerees avatar reeree Yeah You Are +4Reply
@reeree Baby or Airplanes. No competition!

I thought you said "baby of airplanes" I was like "First of all, I've never heard of it, and second, if there was a song called 'baby of airplanes', I'm not sure if I'd want to


2Infinitys avatar 2Infinity Yeah You Are +3Reply

We r who we r (and im pretty sure thats how it's spelled too)

Some_Kids avatar Some_Kid Yeah You Are +2Reply

I agree with like, everyone else. Grenade. It makes me want to punch the closest person in the face. That song is SOOOO over played it's unbelievable e.e

We R Who We R
California Gurls
Teenage Dream
Not Afraid(I hear that too often also)

JaninaHoughs avatar JaninaHough Yeah You Are +2Reply

If I hear fucking Grenade one more time I'm gonna shoot myself in the head.

Anonymous +1Reply

Definitely California Gurls. :P

Snapewards avatar Snapeward Yeah You Are 0Reply

ANYTHING Lady Gaga...ugh....every. single. time. i turn on that dang radio

Anonymous 0Reply

Strangely, they gave the winner of that award both Song and Record of the Year

enders avatar ender Yeah You Are -1Reply
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I believe "Song" is aimed specifically at the quality and popularity of ONE hit, while "Record" is the overall quality and popularity of the album the artist produced.

KatOwnsYourSouls avatar KatOwnsYourSoul Yeah You Are +2Reply

Record I believe is for the song overall - musically, and the performance. Song of the year is for specifically lyrics. Don't quote me on that.

enders avatar ender Yeah You Are -1Reply

Song of the year recognizes the writers, producers, etc of the song; while Record recognizes the artist performing it.

Anonymous -1Reply

Like a G6 was pretty overplayed for a while...

Party in the USA

no competition

Hairyleos avatar Hairyleo Yeah You Are -3Reply
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