What if your future child can time travel, and came back in time because you died and they wanted to know you, so now they’re a part of your life and you don’t even know it? Amirite?

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Ummm.. Back to the Future ringing any bells?

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I'm thinking Rini from Sailor Moon here

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Your best friend could be your future kid.

@fireflye Your best friend could be your future kid.

And they would have the same name because the friend touched your life and whatnot. That's at least how I saw it.

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Melody Pond maybe? At least to some extent?


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I'd be really embarrassed if they secretly watched me... d smilie

But wouldn't they alter the past so then by knowing them you might end up not having a kid with their other parent and then the kid would not exist?

then my life would be weird

I just turned around to see if anyone's watching me LOL

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