Guys: You try to make your pees more exciting by using different hand positions, different distances from toilet, no hands, stopping and starting randomly and no lights on, amirite?

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Girls:you are either extremely jealous or just grossed out.

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Girls: You have better things to do with your time than try to figure out different ways to pee. amirite?

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Real men (such as myself) lie down on the floor, head below the bowl and do it like that. This is always prior to a shower though.

And this is why there's always a ring of pee around the toilet.

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I just go pee...

Geoffs avatar Geoff No Way +3Reply
@Geoff I just go pee...

well thts boring

Hutchs avatar Hutch Yeah You Are +8Reply
@Hutch well thts boring

No fair :( Damn vaginas. So boring.

I'm just scared to know what goes on in your head

Unknownjizz12s avatar Unknownjizz12 Yeah You Are +1Reply

I do a one armed handstand

rivals avatar rival Yeah You Are +1Reply

At first, I thought it said girls instead of guys, so I was like, "Who the fuck does that?!?"

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